kangaroo island community education

As an independent statutory authority established by the SACE Board of South Australia Act 1983, the SACE Board provides the SACE to schools in the government, independent, and Catholic sectors in South Australia.

It also assesses the achievement of students in the Northern Territory and at centres across Asia. In addition to working collaboratively with the three schooling sectors and a wide range of stakeholders, the Board also works closely with the Training and Skills Commission and the training sector in South Australia.

The SACE Board of South Australia is served by eleven Board members. The office of the SACE Board has a full-time staff of approximately 110, who work in partnership with schools to implement the Board’s curriculum and assessment policies.

More than 3600 people are also employed at various times of the year to assist the SACE Board with its work related to quality assurance, moderation and marking.

The Minister for Education and Child Development is responsible for the SACE Board of South Australia.