kangaroo island community education
Aboriginal Students

At KICE, we currently have 20 Indigenous students across our Campuses. An Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO), Sharon Gaskin and an Aboriginal Education Teacher (AET), Hannah Morgan, provide support to our Indigenous students and their families.

Each Aboriginal student has an Individual Learning Plan that focuses on learning and well-being goals. Teachers, parents/carers, Sharon and Hannah and other professionals involved in supporting our students, are involved in this process. A strong literacy and numeracy intervention focus is provided to our Indigenous students through individual or small group work with Hannah throughout the year. Building strong relationships with our Indigenous families is a strong focus for Sharon. Together, this leads to better learning and well-being outcomes for our students.


Sharon and Hannah both support staff in understanding our Indigenous students, their particular needs and to help staff acknowledge our cultural diversity and include learning around aboriginal histories in our classrooms.

Closing the Gap