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Curriculum Guide 2022

This booklet is designed to assist parents and students in the Stage 1 (Year 11) and Stage 2 (Year 12) subject selection process. This is an exceptionally important process and many factors need to be taken into consideration and this handbook is not meant to be the only referral point in the process of subject selection.

In the subject selection process the following should be taken in to consideration:

  • The career pathway planning work the students did in their Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and Research Practices subjects
  • The student’s intended career path and the possible subject requirements of that career path such as pre requisite subjects or assumed knowledge subjects
  • The student’s capabilities with intended subjects; this needs to be an honest appraisal
  • The student’s interest and areas of strength
  • Current employment opportunities and the job market trends

Other documents that can assist are:

  • The SATAC University guide (online)
  • The SATAC TAFE guide (online)
  • TAFE and all universities have other documents and information which are available online at the appropriate websites. These all have excellent information re the TAFE and universities in general and course specific information
  • Industry specific documents that arrive in the school which are made available to students plus industry specific websites, KICE sources of support and information

There are a variety of people who you can talk to at the school to assist in this information process; these include:

  • KICE Senior Years Leadership Team: Eulia Taylor, Cameron Stewart, Jodie Trethewey & Courtney Trethewey
  • Student Wellbeing Leaders: Courtney Trethewey, Bec Vogt and Shaheen Bradford
  • Subject specific teachers where relevant
  • Parent and student information evenings
  • The individual student, parents and school subject councelling meetings

Also, the school will make additional appointments with relevant students and parents where we have concerns re: the subject selections. 

Open Access: It is not possible for KICE, or in fact any school, to offer all the SACE subjects as face to face subjects. While the school has implemented measures to increase our face to face delivery of subjects it is inevitable that some students will still need to enrol in subjects delivered by the Open Access College. For further information on the Open Access College and the subjects they offer please visit their website: www.openaccess.edu.au. While enrolled in another school (Open Access College) for these subjects the students are supported by KICE staff in a variety of ways. This support includes subject and personal counselling, individual subject guidance from teachers, material organisation and provision of extra curriculum resources.

Subject selection is an exceptionally important process and the key to it is communication so we encourage you to access all the relevant resources indicated above. Following this, if you still have questions or concerns please contact the school and make an appointment with the relevant person/s.