Dear Parents,

Here you will find:

  • Tips to support learning from home
  • Ideas of learning activities you can do with your child
  • Specific units of work that are age appropriate.
  • Links to websites that are already used as part of your child’s learning.

The learning from home platform is evolving and developing.

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KICE links to our online learning programs

All students who need access to the various online programs we offer will have a username and password that has been provided by their class teacher, please email them for access.

KICE Webmail Login:

To access Webmail Externally:

login with - kurriculum\firstname lastname and then your laptop password. Make sure there is a space between your first name and last name.

Daymap Login:

To access DayMap Externally:

login with - kurriculum\firstname lastname and then your laptop password. Make sure there is a space between your first name and last name.

Remote Teaching in DayMap

Seesaw Login:

Find out how to connect here

Mathletics Login:

Find out more info here

ABC Reading Eggs Login:

Find out more info here

Go on a Virtual Tour

Art Gallery of South Australia


National Art Gallery of Australia


Museum of Modern Art New York


Tate Modern London


Uffizi Gallery Florance


National Gallery of Victoria


San Diego Zoo virtual tours


What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a service that provides users with the basic productivity applications necessary to get work done in the modern enterprise. Productivity applications include, but are not limited to, a word processor, a spreadsheet, an email client, a calendar, and a presentation application. In fact, because of Office 365's cloud-based structure, the suite of productivity applications is constantly being updated and improved.

All school staff and students have access to Microsoft Office 365, to login please watch the video below. All users will need to use their Learnlink email address and password. If you need help please contact an IT staff member.

How to setup and use Microsoft Teams for Education

Please download the Microsoft Teams App for the best experience:

Included Office 365 Apps
  • Word: This app sets the standard for word processors and is available with Office 365 for both Business and Premium. If users in your enterprise need to create documents, this is the tool they will use.
  • Excel: The spreadsheet has been the workhorse for basic data analysis since its invention back in the previous century. Excel is the current standard-bearer and comes with Office 365 for Business and Premium.
  • Outlook: Office 365's solution for managing email and an appointment calendar is called Outlook. The app has been around for many years and its busy interface tends to be either loved or hated by users. It's available with both the Business and Premium subscriptions.
  • PowerPoint: Communicating information to a group of individuals at a meeting often involves a presentation. Office 365's PowerPoint allows users to create, display, and disseminate information in formats ranging from the basic slide to animation to video.
  • Publisher: Sometimes communicating information to a broader audience requires something more permanent and more formal than a presentation at a meeting. The Publisher app in Office 365 provides users with the tools they need to publish professional-looking newsletters, brochures, and booklets.
  • OneNote: As the workforce has become more mobile, the need to capture information on the go has become increasingly important. Applications like OneNote allow users to take notes on any device and then retrieve those notes from any other device. It's your basic productivity cloud app.
  • OneDrive: The other basic and fundamental cloud-based application is storage. With each Office 365 Business subscription, Microsoft provides users with up to 1 TB of cloud storage in the form of an application called OneDrive for Business.
  • Microsoft Teams: Younger members of the modern enterprise workforce are very familiar and comfortable with chat applications. To satisfy the needs of those employees, Office 365 now includes Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace that integrates people, content, and tools into a single platform.
  • Skype for Business: Video conferencing is an essential tool for a mobile enterprise workforce. With Skype for Business, enterprises can host unlimited online and video conferencing meetings with up to 250 people.
  • Collaboration tools: Along with the typical productivity applications, Office 365 includes many collaboration tools--like Delve, Yammer, and Sway. These tools allow users to communicate, brainstorm ideas, share documents, and have video meetings while on the go.
  • Power BI: One of the most powerful tools any enterprise can have, regardless of size, is reliable business intelligence gathering applications. Office 365 for Business, through its Power BI application, provides enterprises with a set of tools for collecting, sorting, and presenting business intelligence data.
  • Flow: Managing workflow in a dynamic business and across various applications can consume precious time and resources. Flow provides a simple system to manage notifications within Office 365 across all of the applications you use.
  • To-Do: An update to Microsoft Office 365 has added the To-Do app to the productivity suite. No longer an afterthought piggybacking on the Calendar app, To-Do is now a feature-rich standalone application that integrates with the rest of Office 365.